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It’s getting to that point in the semester where life’s getting a little harder. While we are a little past halfway, Thanksgiving break seems a world away and winter break even farther. The projects and exams keep piling up and it’s hard to have motivation. Well, it’s on days like these that I realize sometimes the best thing to do is…TREAT YO SELF. We all need a little pick me up sometimes and mine has always been shopping. There is no greater feeling than getting new things or finding a product that you love. Sometimes I will add things to my cart just for therapeutic purposes since my bank account doesn’t always love me checking out. 

Since we all need new things in our life, here are some really cool, affordable products you should check out! 

1. Spindrift Sparkling Water 

These drinks are totally perfect for a long day of studying! Not only are they super refreshing but they are made of completely natural ingredients (REAL fruit!) and are unsweetened. They offer a subtle fruit flavor without too many calories. There are also tons of cool flavor options including lemon, cucumber, grapefruit, orange mango, raspberry lime, strawberry and blackberry, which all come from family farms! 

2. Hi-Chew 

As a big gum chewer and someone with a major sweet tooth, Hi-Chews offered the best of both worlds! I tend to like to snack while I study to make it slightly more interesting and I usually try and go towards gum as an alternative. However, Hi-Chews definitely beat my gum craving! They are made with real fruit flavor, sweet and soft, yet chewy with few calories! The perfect school pick me up!

3. Freeman Face Masks


I am in constant pursuit of a good face mask! Nothing feels better at the end of a long day than washing your face. I loved the Freeman face masks because they come on and dry so smooth, you barely feel like it’s on your face! Also, they smell and feel amazing. The Charcoal mask felt warm and comforting while the clay masks felt cool, fresh and rejuvenating…perfect for any mood!

4. Bed Head by TIGI 

I have wavy hair that tends to get frizzy when I wake up with literal bed head. But ironically, Bed Head seems to be the perfect fix! It offers lots of products to help you hair shine, smell and look amazing. Some products include the TIGI masterpiece shine hairspray, Dirty Secret dry shampoo, Hard Head hairspray and “Oh Bee Hive” matte dry shampoo! The perfect recipe for rolling out of bed for an 8am and still looking great.  

5. Steripods

As a nursing student, I am always aware of germs. It’s sometimes hard to think about how many people have lived in my apartment or dorm before me, or the fact that my roommate’s habits are still unusual or strange. Steripods are great because I know they protect my toothbrush from the invisible germs of my bathroom by creating a safe, clean mini-environment. It allows me to sleep at night worry free.

6. L’oreal Paris Sublime Bronze

Lets face it, no one likes it when their perfect summer tans begin to fade to the ugly winter paleness. With end of semester formals around the corner the pressure to look your best is almost at its peak. Unfortunately, tanning salons can be mega expensive for someone on a college budget who is trying to regain their summer glow. However, L’oreal’s Sublime Bronze Self-tanning Towelettes, Sublime Bronze ProPerfect Salon Airbrush Mist and Paris Hydra Genius will have your skin looking better than ever. It offers luxury salon quality while not breaking the bank! 

7. Erin Condren Hardboard Life Planner 

I am a super organized person. It’s kind of hard not to be with all I am involved with, but many people in college have a hard time keeping track of their assignments in their various classes. Fortunately, there’s a way to stay organized in a stylish way: Erin Condren’s Life Planners! These planners are cute inside and out and come with a built in bookmark to help stay on track. So get ready for exams my friends and invest in one of these!

8. Aeropostale Jeans and Accessories

It’s starting to finally become fall weather. It seems like the 80 degree days are finally behind us. This means we can pull out all our cute boots, jeans and sweaters in anticipation of the cold weather! I love having a go-to pair of jeans to pair with my fave boots and Aeropostale has lots of great options this season! They have cute styles, trendy torn up jeans and new stretchy jeggings which are the perfect way to be comfortable while looking great!

So, make your semester a little better and invest in these awesome products! Not only are they practical, but they will offer comfort during this hard school season while not emptying your wallet. 

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

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