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As most have seen at some point over the last week, the most dramatic finale (literally) of the Bachelor recently concluded. During the finale we learn that bachelor, Arie Luyendyk proposed to contestant Becca K. only to later break her heart for runner up Lauren Burnham. It was an episode filled with tears but ultimately ended in love. Bachelor Arie proposed to Lauren Burnham (with a new ring) and the pair are currently happily engaged.

While it may not seem it at times, ABC has actually helped paired many couples throughout the years in the seasons. While there is probably a higher fail rate compared to success, the couples who have made it truly have overcome a roller coaster. Not many people can say they dated their significant other while they were romantically involved with 24 other people and now have a successful relationship.

More couples than you think have now been happily engaged or are now married with kids. Here are some of the Bachelor Success Stories:

1. Sean and Catherine

Sean, the bachelor, gave Catherine his finale rose and got down on one knee back in 2013. The pair was married in 2014 and recently celebrated 3 years of marriage! They share a 16-month year old son, Samuel. and have another on the way!

2. Ashley and JP

Ashley was the bachelorette all the way back in 2011 when she ultimately chose JP. They were married in 2012 and now have 2 children: Fordham (3 years) and Essex (1 year)

3. Jade and Tanner

Jade and Tanner met on Bachelor in Paradise back in 2016. They were both previously contestants on the franchise but didn’t find love on their respective seasons. Luckily, they still got their fairy tale ending and recently added Emerson to their family.

4. Carly and Evan

Carly and Evan did not have your traditional love story. The pair were on Bachelor in Paradise together and, while Evan was instantly head over heals, it took Carly awhile to realize she cared for him. Their story is seriously a romantic comedy movie and they tied the knot last year in Mexico. Carly recently gave birth to her first child, Isabella, and is stepmom to Evan’s three sons.

5. Molly and Jason

Some people may have seen the name Jason Mesnick in the media lately. He too, like Arie, switched his proposal publicly after he initially choose Melissa. Fortunately, Melissa is happily married herself with kids. Despite the media backlash, he and Molly made it and are married  with a kid of their own: Riley. Molly is also stepmom to Jason’s son, Ty.

Believe it or not, these are only a few of many couples that are either married or engaged thanks to the franchise. Countless others either connected with old lovers or met some other past contestant through the show. While it is not the path most choose to take when looking for love, it is hard to deny that it may just be crazy enough to work for some.

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