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Flashback Friday Memes: High School Edition

Memes are a God sent! They help to explain moods, relationships, make people think, and give us all something to laugh about on our worst days. They’ll have you yelling “SAME” and “good times” because of how relatable they tend to be.

In honor of Flashback Friday (#FBF), here are some memes to that will take you back to you high school days.

When you sneeze v. when the popular kid sneezes

When you forgot to do your homework the night before

When the whole class barely passes/fails a test

When you find out high school isn’t anything like it’s portrayed on TV

The one question you receive the day junior year ends

How every group project group has these four people

Basically, your high school career in a nutshell

These were good times, but…..THANK GOODNESS those days are gone! College is so much better than high school.

But, it never hurts to reminisce! Amirite?!?!


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