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Five Things I Love About Fall!



Fall is probably my favorite season of the year and there are just so many things that I love about it. This season is full of so many amazing activities to do with your family and friends and I want to share some of my favorite things about Fall with you!



1. The changing leaves

Fall is so beautiful and I love taking a long drive and seeing the leaves turn red and orange. Being from New Jersey, I get the best of both worlds – from city life but also suburban life. Seeing Fall in two different places really makes you appreciate all it’s beauty


2. Lattes, Macchiatos and More!

I’m personally not a huge pumpkin spice fan but I am a really big iced coffee drinker. When Fall rolls around, it becomes my official turning point to start ordering my favorite hot drinks. My go-to Starbucks order is a grande skinny vanilla latte (learned from the best: my mom).



The sweaters and the booties start to come out and so many of my favorite fashion pieces are best worn in Fall. I love to layer and personally, I just feel so much more comfortable in jeans and a sweater. The simplest pieces come together to make a cute simple outfit.


4. Pumpkin and Apple picking

This is probably one of my favorite Fall activities because it is something you can do with your friends or family and have an amazing time. Getting to pick your own pumpkins to decorate or even carve really gets you into that Fall spirit! There is also nothing better than having fresh apples straight from the tree! Plus, the pictures you getting while your out always turn out super cute!


5. Halloween

Last but not least: HALLOWEEN!!! This super fun holiday is something that everyone looks forward to at the end of October! Getting to plan your costume either with your friends, family, or significant other is always fun but getting an excuse to binge eat chocolate and candy is always my favorite! Haunted houses and mazes are always so much fun and I highly suggest that everyone attends one before the season is over!

I'm Jen and I'm a sophomore nursing major at YCP. I'm from Jersey and I love fashion, my dog, Harry Potter, giraffes, and singing in the shower.
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