Confessions of a Former Dancer

Everyone has that one hobby they can’t live without. They would die for it if they could or injure themselves by accident, but still continue to do it. My hobby was dancing. Jazz, lyrical, hip hop, modern, ballet, tap, and belly dance. I did it all. Except after a while my interest dwindled.

I wasn’t the competitive type. Not that I was lazy. It was just that I liked to dance for fun and for myself. I did not like trying to push myself to the point that I was crying after every dance practice. Why force myself to do something if I was starting to hate it? We have to learn to give up at some point. I know giving up is bad, but if you do not feel comfortable or are stressed to the point that you’re not enjoying it anymore then it’s time to hang up the leotards and tights.

After stopping, my body just didn’t move the way it used to and I felt like I threw away 12 years of my life. My flexibility decreased and my muscle tone disappeared, but I am glad that I stopped dancing. I would never be happy if I kept pushing myself to the point I hated myself. I miss dancing, but at least I can focus on more important things like eating a container of cookies with no regrets.