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The Clowns Epidemic


Clowns used to be a source of joy and happiness for people all over the world. They work(ed) at birthday parties and at circuses causing fits of laughter for all who attend and witness their routines. Not everyone was a big fan of clowns – the fear of clowns is known as coulrophobia. With the

recent epidemic of terrorizing clowns, I’m beginning to believe that these people had the right idea. This clown epidemic is bringing a whole new meaning the phrase “stranger danger.”

It started back in late August in South Carolina. It was reported that some guys had been dressing as clowns, attempting to lure kids into the

woods. The sightings have now spread up the coast to Pennsylvania and recently New Jersey. It is hard to tell if anyone in these states have

actually spotted the clowns because the same photo has been circulating around.


This epidemic has really hit home for many of the people attending York College of Pennsylvania. A couple of students claimed to have seen a

clown on campus. The recent sightings have prompted many to question whether or not it’s true. Is this just a prank or publicity for a new killer

clown film coming out soon? What is there to gain from scaring children and adults, alike? Some people are true believers in these sights and

others….not so much. This is something most of us would rather not want to be true – especially not so close to Halloween.

It was looked into by police and Campus Safety on each separate occasion of clown sightings, and each time, they have said that they found no

evidence of there actually having been a clown on or near the campus. Police officers in other states have even gone as far as saying they believe

that the sights are just “…pranks meant to scare people” and the “reports involve mostly copycat thrill seekers.” At the time [late August, early

September], there didn’t appear to be any actual threat coming from these clowns. In recent news, there have been reports that their behavior has

escalated – they have gone from attempting to lure kids into the woods and scaring people to chasing and yelling at children (reported in New

Jersey and Pennsylvania) and wielding firearms (allegedly) and kitchen knives.


Law enforcement in states of reported sightings, including Virginia, Wisconsin, Florida and more, have issued warnings to be careful and stay

away from people dressed as clowns around schools and neighboring areas. Parents cautioned and advised to keep their children close to them at

all times, look out for anything suspicious, and to warn their children to stay away from strangers.

One officer from Mississippi is not taking this issue lightly. He showed it on his Facebook page:



“To whom it may concern. Who ever you are running around Tchula wearing a clown suit waving a sword and scaring the h*** out of

people, let me give you some advice. STOP IT!!!!  Because if I roll up on you and you wave that d*** sword at me. IT’S GAME OVER

SON!!! I’m gonna teacha how da duggy!!!”

-Chief Kenneth Hampton

Despite his “hip” lingo, Chief Hampton is saying what everyone is thinking (somewhat).  So, this year – especially this Halloween – be careful.

Walk in groups, don’t go out alone at night, report any sightings of clowns, and most importantly….






A Senior at York College of Pennsylvania, majoring in Political Science. I am a Gemini, I love the color green, reading and writing! I am so excited to be able to write for Her Campus. I hope to inspire and/or entertain all who read my articles!
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