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Chadwick, Michael, Lupita, Angela, Letitia, Forest, Danai, Florence, Daniel, Winston…and let’s not forget Sterling continue to serve (and slay) in the Black Panther.

Released just two months ago in February, Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther persists in shattering some record, sending millions of hearts everywhere fluttering with joy and pride. Just a few weeks ago, they held the record for the highest grossing Marvel and superhero film, beating out The Avengers ($624 million). Just today, according to the Daily Mail, Black Panther has passed James Cameron’s Titanic.

Rolling Stone reports that Titanic (1997) was the third highest grossing film in America, earning $659.5 million. The top two are Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($936.7 million) and Avatar ($760.5 million). io9-Gizmodo announced that Black Panther has grossed $661 million in the box office!

The film now sits in the top three spot of all time grossing films. On the international list, the Daily Mail reports that Black Panther is sitting in the 10th spot, just behind Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Here’s to you, Ryan Coogler, Black Panther cast, and all who continue to support the film!

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