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Bachelor Arie: The Wait is Over

ABC finally announced the new bachelor after weeks of speculation for fans. Unlike most bachelorette seasons, the pick for the next bachelor was not clear. Typically, a fan favorite is chosen for the coveted position but with Peter still heartbroken and Dean’s lady trouble in paradise, there was little certainty. Nonetheless, Arie Luyendyk was given the honor as ABC’s next leading man. While, I am very familiar with Arie’s time on the bachelorette, his new role has left many people confused about who he is and how he is relevant. So, let me tell you all what you need to know about the new bachelor.


  1. He was the runner up on season 8 of the bachelorette



Arie was on Emily Maynard’s season of the bachelorette back in 2013 (which explains why many people don’t remember him). He was one of my favorite picks but was left heartbroken in the finale after Emily chose Jef, a hipster entrepreneur from Utah.


      2. He was nicknamed the “kissing bandit”



For fans that remember Arie, probably one of the first thoughts that come to mind is the word “makeout.”  He is known in the bachelor world as the kissing bandit because of his reputation as a “legendary kisser.” According to People magazine, he even gave fellow contestant Sean Lowe advice during his bachelor season.  


    3. He is a racecar driver…and realtor!



Arie is likely best known for being a race car driver, following in the footsteps of his famous pro dad. However, what most don’t know is that he is also a realtor! He sells luxury houses for what he calls his “winter job” and from the looks of his realtor instagram he appears pretty successful.


    4. He is called the “silver fox”



Since being announced as the Bachelor, Arie has been tagged as the “silver fox” for his not so dark hair. His hair has definitely grayed since his time on Emily’s season 5 years ago. He revealed in an interview that he is almost 36 now, so I guess time is  catching up with him.


    5. He dated previous bachelor contestant Courtney Robertson



This information was actually news to me until just recently! Arie and Courtney dated on and off a few years after his time on the  show. For those that don’t know Courtney, she was a notorious contestant that stole the heart of bachelor Ben Flajnik back in 2012 before their public breakup. She has since written a tell-all about her time on the bachelor and revealed some interesting information about Arie as well.


Sidenote, I also recently found out that Arie was in a longterm relationship that ended this past summer with Sydney Stempfley (check out her insta if you are curious). Is Arie #herefortherightreasons?


Well, although still shocked by the decision like most of America, I think Arie will definitely provide an interesting season. I have no doubts that he will surpass Nick’s “performance” last season and hopefully hold my interest more. So, as ABC has been putting it “Bachelor nation, start your engines!”…for pro racer Arie of course.


*groan* The publicity puns will always be old.


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