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AHS Season 6 Episode 3

Since last week, Flora is still missing and everyone is going batshit.

They look everywhere and end up on the hillbillies farm, and this got so gross very quickly

Feral children who only know how to say Croatoan are found sucking on dead pig nipples -yum

Dun dun dun

It’s been days and a frustrated Mason thinks Lee is keeping Flora somewhere, even getting physical with Lee and pushing her down before storming out.

Lee doesn’t take it well, and the next time we see Mason, he’s a little.. Different

So Mason got burned alive and Shelby thinks Lee did it because of the surveillance footage

A guy named Cricket comes to tell everyone PRISCILLA IS REAL and she was from the 1500s

He does some weird seance to talk to Priscilla and instead ends up conjuring a woman called The Butcher. Aka Kathy Bates -Fun fact, she likes playing evil characters!

Cricket tries to tell her off and then Kathy just starts yelling CROATOAN. Creepy

Cricket offers to take the gang to Flora for a hefty 25 grand and Lee almost blows his head off

Being the smart guy he is, Cricket backs off and whispers something to Lee, which turned out to be “Emily wonders why you stopped looking for her”.

A little backstory here – Emily is Lee’s first daughter that she had when she was 17

Apparently Lee left her 4 year old in the car to buy something and poof. Baby disappeared.


All I could think is, Lee how could this happen more than once?!

It seems like Lee just has a bad luck when it comes to her children.


Anyway she ends up paying Cricket the money and cue the flashback

The Butcher is named Thomasin White, wife of governor John White of the Roanoake colony. He left to get supplies and left his wife in charge. But the colony revolts against her when they want to move inland and she refuses.


Get ready ‘cause shit’s about to get real


Her son tries to protect her but wants to live so he leaves her behind after placing a weird spiked helmet cage on her head, looks a little something like this

She’s alone, hungry and thirsty, so she talks to god and says she repents, probably because she was a puritan but more likely because she was dehydrated.

So there’s this wild pig that won’t stop screeching. That is until something makes it stop. Or should I say someone stabs it and cuts out its heart. This woman tells Thomasin that she will eat the heart and serve her.

This is a still beating, bloody pig heart that a random forest woman brings to you to eat..

Don’t drink the koolaid! Or should I say, DON’T EAT THE PIG HEART!

Mind you she’s been starving for days so she does it. No one ever listens to me..

She goes back to the colony all murderous and slightly enlightened by evil

Like a true mom she yells at her son to not disobey her again and he goes WE STAY and his mom is like. WE GO INLAND. Drops mic.

The Butcher apparently claimed dominion over the land and will slaughter all trespassers.

Talk about protect thy property. Even in death. Gotta respect the dedication


Now back to the future!

Cricket comes back and Lee makes a proposition; they get Flora back and in return they will evacuate immediately and make sure no one comes back to that land.

Big problem with that though; Shelby never agreed to this, but Matt did.

Speaking of Matt, he kind of disappears when all the drama starts

Dammit Matt. You had one job!

Anyway Shelby goes to look for him and lo and behold. They find him. Oh boy do they find him.

Shelby finds him doggy styling with a woman while the hillbillies watched! Ew.

In the present interview he has no memory of this. Can you smell marital issues/chloroform?

The cops come back to the house and arrest Lee, can you guess what happened?

A petty Shelby ratted out Lee as a potential suspect for Mason’s murder.

Stay tuned for the next Recap.

Stay classy. Or not. Your choice.

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