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The 7 Professors You’re Bound to Meet/Have in College

Throughout your college career, you’ll come in contact with all kinds of people: those you’ll love and those you’ll have a strong dislike for; those who’ll teach you lessons and those who be around for a long time.

Professors are among the group of people who you will meet and you’ll learn very early on which category they belong in. Here are some of the professors you’re bound to meet/have in college.

1. The professor who curves grades

This professor will having thanking God! They take pity on the class and curve the grades so that everyone does a little bit better at the end of the semester. S/he understands that the course was a little tough and that everyone did their “best” during exams. They probably won’t tell you – with good reason – but you’ll know it, especially if you’ve failed a test or two.

2. The professor that doesn’t give final exams

This professor is the real MVP of all the teachers at your college, a.k.a the Steph Curry of teachers. For whatever reason they have, final exams do not exist in their class. Granted, you may have to make up for it with a paper or a presentation…but given the circumstances, that’s better compared to have to study for another test on top of 4 others!

3. The professor who grades you solely on a few exams

This is the professor you’re sure to get a shoulder shrug from people who’ve taken their class before because their class really depends on how you feel about exams. If you’re a great test taker, then you’re sure to love this one. On the flip side, maybe exams aren’t your thing. Ratings for this one from friends and previous students will fluctuate, so it’s best if go off of what you are great at.

[PSA: for those who aren’t so good at exams, please stay out of these classes if you can – don’t ruin it for the rest of the class.]

4. The professor that requires you to talk

Unless you always have something to say, this professor will really urk your nerves. This professor will tell you syllabus day, “I grade on participation – attendance does not count.” They will make think and want to scream “Why is it required that I say something every class? Every class isn’t interesting, ergo, I have no words!”

5. The professor who starts class on syllabus day

The one thing that every college student looks forward to is Syllabus Day, because on this day classes let out early. Professors go over what is expected in the class and what you’ll be doing for the semester. Depending on how chatty they are, this should take no longer than 20-30 minutes. But of course, there is always that one professor who will finish the syllabus, and as everyone packs their bags to leave, the professor will open up a PowerPoint on Chapter 1. UGH!

6. The professor who doesn’t allow you to make up exams

“Who hurt you?” is the one question you’ll have on your mind when you have this professor. Yes, people, they exist. The horror story you heard about professors that don’t allow make-ups exist. It’s sad really.

[Storytime: I once had a professor that basically told our class that he didn’t care about the circumstances – if we missed an exam, then we received an F. That goes for being sick WITH a doctor’s note and even having to attend a funeral. (I think for this particular class, we had to show an obituary, but I could be confusing classes.) Like seriously, professor….who hurt you?]

7. The professor that is old-fashioned

Lastly, the old-fashioned professor. This professor doesn’t communicate through email or use the internet, at all. If class gets canceled, you won’t know until you show up and see an oh-so-lovely, old-timey note taped to the door. They still use….projectors, like they could at least get “hip” with Microsoft Word!

If you made it through college without running into the last 3 (4, if you’re not particularly fond of exams), then shout out to you!

If you are currently in one of those classes, my whole heart goes out to you.

If you haven’t had one yet and are still in the early stages of your college career…you’ve been warned.

A Senior at York College of Pennsylvania, majoring in Political Science. I am a Gemini, I love the color green, reading and writing! I am so excited to be able to write for Her Campus. I hope to inspire and/or entertain all who read my articles!
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