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5 Tips to Remember Before You Travel

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at YCP chapter.

Summer is approaching and we all know what that means….traveling!!!

Of course, the main thing you want to do is relax and have fun, but you should also be a little cautious – not to the point where you wouldn’t go anywhere, though. The definition of caution here is to just be aware of your surroundings and be alert.

There are numerous websites and blogs out there that shares some tips on what people should do before they travel. Here is a simplified list of the most important things you need to know.

1. Tell someone where you are going.

This may seem like a hassle, but it is an important tip. The worst case scenario is for something to happen to you and nobody knows where exactly you have gone. Notify a friend or family member of where you are traveling to (state, country, etc.) and the places (clubs, bars, beaches, etc.) you plan on visiting. Giving them the dates would also be helpful, this way they know to look for you when you return home.

2. Notify your country’s embassy.

( I couldn’t find a good gif for this, so let’s just go with the government cares about you and where you go.) Obviously, this tip is more so for when you are leaving the country. It’s a good idea to contact the embassy with your plans for where you are staying and when. The embassy will let you know if anything arises in the country you’re planning on heading to.

3. Research, research, research.

This one is really important. You should never go to another city, state, or country and be ignorant of what is going on there. Look online for places that might not be the best places to visit or travel to, especially at night. Check the CDC website to get information on what diseases or illnesses may be present at your destination.

4. Study the culture.

Again, this one is more so for when you are visiting a different country, but this is important for traveling within the U.S. as well. Knowing a little bit about the culture of your destination can help make things a little less awkward for everyone involved. This will give you a better understanding of the people and the “rituals” [for lack of a better word] that take place in said areas. Do not travel somewhere and be the person that insults and disrespects all aspects of a place different than what you are used to – research!

5. Take your phone!

In this day and age, this is the easiest tip yet, but still important. Cell phones today have so many different functions, including being able to trace someone – iPhones have the feature that allows you to share your location instantly. Your phone will be (and most likely is) your best friend when you travel.

For more tips on what you should do before you travel, especially if you plan on traveling alone, check out Wanderful!

A Senior at York College of Pennsylvania, majoring in Political Science. I am a Gemini, I love the color green, reading and writing! I am so excited to be able to write for Her Campus. I hope to inspire and/or entertain all who read my articles!