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10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Plant in Their Dorms

  1. Fresh oxygen all year round!


Who doesn’t want to have fresh oxygen to breathe fresh air created by your new little green friend?


  1. They make your room more homey!


Nothing screams cozy like a room full happy green friends.


3.  You have a living thing to talk to when you have had a stressful day.

    Now you can tell someone (something?) about your day and not have them talk back. They just sit and listen to your rants calmly.


4. They are relaxing

    They create fresh air and cast a happy green glow that will keep you content all day long.


5. They are a ‘low stakes’ way to learn how to take care of another living creature.

What better way to learn the basic skills it takes to take care of something other than yourself? It is a great stepping stone between your petless life and the pet of your dreams. All you have to do is water, feed, and take it for walks! Just kidding – just make sure they get the light they require to thrive.


6. Depending on the plant, they bloom and look pretty!

Oh! Look at the flowers!

7.  If you grow aloe vera, it’s like growing your own burn gel kit AND skin moisturizer!

    Who doesn’t love soft skin? Aloe vera can help you reach that goal. And don’t worry if you get burned by your straightener, aloe’s got your back!

8.  If you want to have a fish, growing a plant in the water is both healthy for you and the fish.

Not only does the photosynthesizing plant help your lungs breathe cleaner are, but it also keeps your fish’s bowl clean! The fish also helps out the plant by giving it some necessary nutrients to grow! What a great relationship; talk about symbiosis!


9. Some plants feel really cool when you touch them!


    If you get a cactus (ouch!) or some sort of succulent, you can sit there and bask in the tactile novelty of your new friend’s or friends’ existence.

10. Plants are cool and pretty!

Just look at the variety of shapes and sizes! Plants are so awesome!

Hey!  My name is Kathleen and I am a senior Biology major at York College of Pennsylvania. I am from a little town in Pennsylvania called Lititz. If you can't find me on a nice day, I will probably be found wandering a local trail. I am a huge nerd and I love being involved in the biological sciences. I try to be as green as possible, while being poor (as many of us college students are). I started writing for HerCampus, because I think I could add a different perspective to some popular issues surrounding college campuses. Happy browsing!  ~ Kathyl
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