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Your Guide to Spring Fling!



a.     Music—The preshow begins at 2 pm! These acts are typically selected based on a Yale Battle of the Bands. Cheering on our peers is always fun. Then, of course, there the headliners—Best Coast, DJ RL Grime, Grouplove, and finally Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

b.     BBQ—In the spirit of keeping it’s students nourished, Yale dining hosts a barbeque on the CT Hall/McClellan side of Old Campus. This way no one has to miss the music in order to stay satiated…and safe. Keep in mind that not all dining halls are open for dinner as a result, so if you plan on skipping the BBQ find out if your dining hall will be serving that night!

c.     Frats—Many fraternities hold darties in their backyard areas—particularly on High Street. This is the way to socialize with a large amount of people in an enclosed space on fling day. Although most do begin as closed mixers with other organizations, they eventually open up to the general student population.

d.     Pregames on Old Campus—Security can get strict on this front. Be cautious about how many people…and reinforcements…you plan on bringing into a suite. Go to as many of these organized events for your various student groups as possible; there is no better way to say goodbye to the year than seeing your friends in an enjoyable setting on beautiful day.

e.     TOADS—It depends how ambitious you feel, but this event is typically one where all roads truly do lead to toads. If you haven’t already passed out in your bed for the night, consider going to the Toads after party. Although the party functions as any normal Toads affair, it is Yale-only and typically free for all Yale students!


2. Words of wisdom from a seasoned fling veteran…

a.     Attire—If you’re not already wearing a tank top designed by an organization or team, you have the freedom to piece together a spring outfit that will likely appear in myriad photos. Neon colors, crop tops and sunglasses are encouraged!

b.     There is no such thing as starting too early…or too late—We all have lives that we can’t entirely put on hold for events like this. If you have a class to attend, a meeting with a professor, or a Spanish oral exam, don’t fret. Sure, these prospects are annoying, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy fling…the fun might just have to wait a few hours! On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you are one of the lucky ones with no obligations fling day TAKE ADVANTAGE! Mimosas in the morning are an excellent way to start off…

c.Remember to EAT and stay HYDRATED—It might seem less important at the time, but the only way to retain any sort of stamina on a day like this is to ensure you are eating consistently and drinking water! Don’t forget that getting sick or passing out will only hurt your productivity during the remainder of reading period.

d.     Be Flexible—Having a fling game plan could actually hurt your chances of having fun. Instead, be willing to conform to the plans that form as the day goes on. Be willing to stay at some pregames longer than others, and take a midday nap if you need it!


Forget your homework and exams and

Live in the moment.

Instead of considering everything else that’s going on

Note that taking a break is worth it, and most importantly…


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