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Weekly Superlatives: YWBB

This week we get the inside look on the Yale Women’s Basketball team. This active, fun, and upbeat team is known for their group unity among campus. When asked “most likely to…” these were the girl’s responses about their teammates. Enjoy getting to know a little bit more about the girls on YWBB!

Most likely to….

bring up California even if it’s irrelevant: Roxy Barahman, Sophomore

become president (and start WWIII): Jessica Steffen, Sophomore

be your boss and need an exorcism: Jessica Lezon, Sophomore

trip at graduationAlex Cade, First-Year

to become a hermit: Megan Gorman, Sophomore

be a cat/dog lady: Ellen Margaret Andrews, First-Year

have a child born addicted to online shopping: Tamara Simpson, Senior

be the “bring home to Mom” type of girl: Mary Ann Santucci, Senior

jump in a bush: Gabby Nelson, Junior

win a rap battle: Tori Andrews, First-Year

get married first: Bronwyn Davies, Sophomore

have a pet beaver one day: Jennifer Berkowitz, Senior

ask for help doing the laundry: Ale Aguirre, First-Year

join a scooter gang: Alexandra Maund, Junior


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