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Weekly Superlatives: MSQ

This week we get the inside look at The Yale Men’s Squash Team, the 2015-2016 Ivy League and National Champions. This active, fun, and upbeat team is known for their great attitudes and disproportionate forearm sizes. When asked what each member is “most likely to…” do/be, these were the guys’ responses about their teammates. Enjoy getting to know a little bit more about the players on YMS!

Most likely to….

be the best stay at home dad: Jay Losty

be the life of every party: Thomas Kingshott

not change at all by the time they are 50: Spencer Lovejoy

graduate and be super successful: (maybe) a future recruit

get ID’d when they’re 30: Jacob Rhee

be your boss: Arjun Kochhar

get married first: Jon “I want to get married” Kovac

stay in their hometown the rest of their life: Nader Rastegar

be internet famous: (already) Max Martin

sleep through an earthquake: Harrison Gill

survive the Hunger Games: Tripp Kaelin

be found studying in the library: Pierson Broadwater, for his six midterms, eleven problem sets, and four nuclear peace deals

never be single: Parth Bhatia

talk your ear off: Also Parth Bhatia

join the CIA: Jack McCordick

win the lottery and lose the ticket: Big Timmy Kingshott

break a world record: Tyler Carney or Jacob Rhee, for number of unforced errors in a single squash match

be on the cover of Men’s Vogue: Calvin McCafferty

trip and fall at Graduation: Yohan Pandole

come back and teach at Yale: Tripp Kaelin


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