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As you reflect on the awkward late night-dms you have received this week, know you are not alone. In fact, Yale students have an Instagram account committed to documenting the most absurd, most persuasive attempts at late night rendezvous. @ustillup_yale is in the midst of a regime change. Although its new head will remain anonymous, we were able to sit down with them for a secret interview.  

HC: In the last week of your reign, what is the best message you have seen?

ANON: Umm.. look at this.

HC: What is your own weirdest hookup story?


A couple of days ago, I was having sex and I hear banging on the window. My friend and her window    start saying that they can see us having sex through the window. My friend proceeds to climb in through the window, into our bed and then the four of us sat and ate the McDonald fries that had we had uber eats pre-coitus to the house.

HC: Advice to first-years on navigating Yale hook up culture


In my opinion, it’s best not to sleep over. Sleeping over can make things messing. Try to only hook up with one person per team or one person per friend group. Be vocal about what you want! Every hook up consists of two people and they should both have a voice and say. 

HC: What have you learned about hookup culture by running this account? 


I have only run the account for a few weeks now so I can’t make a large claim about what the current hookup culture is like. What I can say is that you would be surprised by a lot of the conversations I see. Many people would probably expect late night DMs to be simple and objectifying. Many people actually become vulnerable in these late night conversations. 

HC: What is it like running the account? How does it feel to be responsible for the content?


I want to make sure the account feels authentic and inclusive. The goal of the account is not to shame anyone who sends late night texts. It is simply to find humor in the relatability of these messages that are sent every day. 

HC: What do you think the future of U still up is?

ANON: I am hoping for viral status. I promise I will never reveal names.

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Clara is a Junior at Yale University majoring in history. She is from Washington D.C. In her free time, Clara does creative writing. She is also a lover of world, particularly African, literature and art projects (we're talking glue, glitter and whatever other materials are around).
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