Things To Do During October Break If You Can't Go Home

Fall is officially here, and October Break is coming up.

Soon, midterms (or finals, if you took the bio sequence like I did) will be over and we’ll have time to relax...or rage. Whichever you prefer. Lots of people take this opportunity to go home, but what about those of us who don’t live close enough to visit friends and family from our hometowns? I’m from San Francisco, which is too far away to go home for only a week, and last year, I did not plan anything for October Break until the very last minute. So, here’s my gift to you, readers: some ideas for what to do during October Break if you can’t go home like our lucky east-coast peers.

1) Do something new on campus.

Yale has so many amazing places to explore, but we rarely take advantage of these opportunities because most of us end up in either our dorms, our classroom buildings, the library, or the dining hall at any given time. Now is the perfect time to check out all of the other resources that our very own campus has to offer. I recommend going to the Yale University Art Gallery (YUAG) and the Yale Center for British Art — they’re across the street from each other on Chapel Street between York and High, and they’re absolutely amazing. Seriously. I’ve been to the YUAG almost ten times and I still have a ~moment~ every time I go. Gallery? This thing is a frickin’ museum!

If you’re more scientifically oriented, check out the Peabody museum (R.I.P. to the Peabody 2) and the Leitner Observatory and Planetarium on Tuesday and Sunday nights.

Fun fact: free admission for all students!

2) Go on a day or weekend trip with friends.

NYC and Boston are only a two-hour train ride away, and Philadelphia is three. You can also stay in Connecticut; my sorority is going to Bishop’s Orchards Farm Market for apple picking this weekend. How autumnal!

3) Visit a friend at his or her college.

This is what I did last year, am going to do this year, and will probably do every year I’m at Yale. My best friend goes to the University of Pennsylvania, which is close enough to visit for a few days. It’s a great opportunity to see friends from home, even if you can’t actually go all the way home.

4) Go to Woads and have it all to yourself.

The more room to dance, the better.

5) Have some good old-fashioned “me time.”

Watch an entire series on Netflix, take extra long showers, sleep all day, paint your nails, whatever. College is hard, okay? You deserve it.

Have fun, ladies! See you Halloweekend.