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Spring Fling 2014: Why You Should Get Excited

Photo from YCC Spring Fling Facebook

Macklemore. T-Pain. Passion Pit. The list goes on. For my past two Spring Flings at Yale, I have been pleasantly surprised by the big names that the YCC could bring to host the yearly second semester concert on the green of Old Campus. I was extremely jealous to learn that I was one year too young to witness the legendary Lupe Fiasco performance of spring 2011(seniors, this is where you nostalgically reminisce). With my expectations set high for the spring 2014 line-up, I was surprised to discover that I had no idea who the three performers were upon their reveal. Die-hard fans and groupies may be shaking their heads at me with a roll of the eyes, but I found myself asking, Betty Who…? I soon discovered, however, that these three artists are people to get excited about.

This year’s Spring Fling line-up will feature Chance The Rapper, Betty Who and electronic artist Diplo. Betty Who, whose name suggests that she’s in the midst of a deeply confounding identity crisis, will be the first performer to take to the stage after the student acts. Betty will be followed by Chance The Rapper, who at least makes his genre of interest quite clear. The closer will be Diplo who tells us what we should do to his music. And you should be very, very excited for what these three headliners have to offer.

For those who are also unfamiliar with these three headliners, HerCampus Yale has provided a little bit of background on these three artists and why you should be extremely excited about these performers.


Betty Who

Background: Australian native Betty Who is an accomplished musician on the cello, piano and guitar not to mention her astounding vocals. Who attended the world-renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston and met producers with whom she would collaborate and build her career.

Why should you care?: If Buzzfeed loves this girl, well, you certainly should too

For fans of: Katy Perry, Robyn, Ellie Goulding

Preparation for Spring Fling: “Somebody Loves You”


Chance The Rapper:

Background: A native of Chicago, Illinois (represent), 20 year old Chance The Rapper draws inspiration from his roots in soul and jazz. Additionally, he cites Kanye West’s debut album, The College Dropout, as one of his central sources of inspiration. Chance brings a unique feel to the genre of rap and infuses his music with a diverse array of instrumentals and appealing beats that create an undeniable beat and should make for a great performance.

Why should you care?: Chance The Rapper’s first mixtape, 10 Day, created in the duration of a 10 day long suspension from school, was featured in Forbes Magazine’s “Cheap Tunes” column. Additionally, he has garnered the attention of big name artists and has collaborated with them to boot, even opening for the prolific Childish Gambino upon his request.

For fans of: Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, Wale

Preparation for Spring Fling: You can find his entire Album, “Acid Rap,” here, HerCampus Yale recommends Juice and Cocoa Butter Kisses.



Based out of the greater Los Angeles area (California Yalies rejoice), Diplo is a DJ, producer, rapper and songwriter who simultaneously manages his own record company, Mad Decent, in addition to being the cofounder of the non-profit Heaps Decent. So basically, he is the music industry’s James Franco. Keeping with Spring Fling’s tradition, Diplo is expected to close the festival with a host of electronica-based music, ensuring that the concert goes out with a bang.

Why should you care?: Diplo is incredibly prominent in the music industry and has managed the production of hits for big-name artists like Usher, Beyonce, No Doubt, Justin Bieber, Snoop Lion and more.

For fans of: Lil Jon, Bjork, Busta Rhymes, Tiesto

Preparation for Spring Fling: “Boy Oh Boy”, “Express Yourself”

So get excited Yalies, because now, you know very well why you should be. And please, do your homework and be familiar with at least one song (this way you don’t have to awkwardly lip sync all of the songs). We’ve made it easy enough.


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