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So You’re Single *AND* In Quarantine (Here’s What To Do)

So, the big day hits and you’re by yourself in your room wondering how you got here. Love is in the air, but so are other less desirable things, so the day is not looking particularly promising. 

As someone who has, ahem, never had a Valentine on V-Day, today’s lack of sparkle seems admittedly commonplace for me. While my failed Valentine’s history is rather unfortunate, I am determined to use it for the greater good and educate the world on how to have an enjoyable day nonetheless. Here are 10 activity ideas to make for a fulfilling (and entertaining) day. 

1. Acknowledge that there is literally *nothing* wrong with being single 

2. Play Taylor Swift’s re-recorded “Love Story” 100000 times in a row

3. Write yourself a love song and sing it badly for everyone on your floor to hear

4. Get out of your sweatpants and take self-timer photos in a cute outfit

5. Alternatively, stay in your sweatpants and have the Ultimate Do Nothing Day 

6. Barrage your group chats with Valentine’s Day gifs 

7. Dive into conspiracy theories about how the holiday was “invented” by greeting card companies 

8. Write positive self-affirmations on sticky notes and put them on your mirror

9. Facetime your one true love, AKA your dog/cat  

10. Listen to angsty love-themed playlists on YouTube (you know, the ones where people write all these strangely detailed POV’s in the comments) 

Finally, remember that we here at Her Campus at Yale love you! 

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