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Single in a Small Town: What To Do Instead of Date

Dating during college is difficult. Dating during college during a pandemic is… extremely difficult. Dating during college during a pandemic while you’re living in a rural area is… completely impossible. 

When you’re living in a small town whether it be over winter break or while remote learning, you’re basically back to square one when it comes to finding and/or maintaining a relationship. First, there’s nowhere to hang out and wait for potential meet-cutes except for the local Walmart. Second, everybody seems to be over the age of 40 because, ostensibly, everyone under the age of 30 moved away from home years ago. Third, your mom has to drive you around. Okay, maybe that’s just me. (I don’t have car insurance.)  

If you’re in a similar situation to yours truly, don’t fret! Soon, the world will be running again and you’ll find the love of your life at a basement party. But until then, here are 10 actually attainable things you can do instead of date. 

  1. Watch a billion movies and rank your ideal fictional characters on date-ability 

  2. Curate a “lonely” playlist and vibe for a while

  3. Learn how to bake bread for the inevitable meet cute scenario where you’re a bakery owner and the love of your life strolls in to order a blueberry scone and almond milk latte

  4. Create a Pinterest board for your rom-com heroine wardrobe

  5. Start your own podcast on why YA novel romances are unrealistic and set harmful precedents for young teens 

  6. Interview the non-single people in your life and make a list of how each couple met (for, like, ideas)

  7. Generate an algorithm that will lead you to your perfect match and cry when it assigns you to that guy from section who is the literal worst and always asks for the notes from class because he fell asleep

  8. Sing karaoke to “Miss Independent” by Kelly Clarkson

  9. Plan your entire dream wedding down to the cake flavor and the photobooth props and contemplate becoming an actual wedding planner because your finals are not going well

  10. Write a list of all the reasons why you love yourself (because, girl, you are amazing and you don’t need to be in a relationship) 

<3 <3 <3 

Shannon Linder is a senior English major at Yale University from the Pacific Northwest. On campus, you’ll find her performing and choreographing for a campus dance group, singing karaoke with friends, or planning her next outdoor adventure.
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