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Sh*t Prefrosh Say

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Yale chapter.

As experienced college students ourselves, we know how to pick a pre-frosh out of a crowd.  Donning a Yale sweatshirt with campus map in hand, these potential Yalies can be spotted from a mile away. But looks aside, at this year’s Bulldog Days, the staff of Her Campus overheard some of the most laughable, ridiculous and bizarre commentary escape from their lips. Oh, how pre-frosh say the darndest things.

“So, can you introduce me to the hockey players?”

“You NEED to see the commons!”

Spotted: pre-frosh walking through Trumbull dining hall alone, whistling the Harry Potter theme song to an audience of one

“I think this is what it means to fall in love.”

“I have a boyfriend back home, but I told everyone last night I was single.”

“I wish I could stay tonight, my host said Woads opens at 10.”

“Is the rivalry between Yale and Harvard really that intense?”

“Judging by the leftover pizza, they clearly didn’t realize how small our class’ admission rate was.”

“My host told me to give the boys a fake name. I think I will!”

Host to a pre-frosh: “Well I took 5.5 credits my freshman year, but that’s like, very rare for most students.”

“Oh my gosh! We are soo college right now!” No girls, you aren’t.

“Where is Linsly-Chittenden hall?”

“Bass is the most hipster place on campus cause its underground, ya know?”

 “So nice to meet you! Text me tomorrow, maybe we can get lunch before I go to the airport?” Very impressive pre-frosh, learning this one early on. Clearly Yale material.


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