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Matt Spillane ’15

Name: Matt Spillane
College: Morse
Year: 2015
Hometown: South Bend, Indiana
I sat down with Matt and started the interview off by asking him what he does.  In hindsight, I probably should have started off asking Matt what he doesn’t do.  This defensive end on the football team plays guitar, sings, writes music, freestyle raps, snowboards, long boards, plays Frisbee, loves to travel, loves to cook (he worked as a chef for 2 years), and wants to be a venture capitalist. 
In trying to coordinate a location for the interview Mr. Spillane suggested Blue State so we could “get some good coffee.”  Hoping he was some coffee connoisseur, naturally I inquired about it.
HC: So Matt, can you please tell me about the relationship you have with coffee?
MS: The extra caffeine keeps me on my game.  I have a 5 Hour Energy every morning.
HC: What’s your favorite part of New Haven?
MS: That’s a good question.  I’m trying to think of something good.  (Pause)  The constant inquisitions from the flower lady.
HC: Why are Yale girls the best?
MS: Yale girls are the best because they work hard, but they play even harder.
HC: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done at Yale?
MS: I lost $40 to a homeless guy in a game of cards outside G-Heav.
Shut the front door.  Is this guy for real?  That tops being some weird coffee connoisseur any day.
HC: Who is your hero?
MS: One person I like to mold myself after is James Bond.
HC: What qualities of James Bond do you think you have?
MS: Wittiness.  Cleverness.  Stunning physical features. (He chuckles to himself) A wide array of firearms and gadgets.
HC: What is your favorite gadget?
MS: My Aston Martin ejector seat.  That’s crucial.  It gets me to football on time.
So girls, if you see Matt wandering the streets of New Haven, whether it is on foot or in his Aston Martin, be sure to stop him for a good laugh with a great guy.  Or hey, if you deem your IQ to be on par with a homeless guy, suggest a game of cards.

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