How to Make a One Night Stand Feel Intimate

Let’s bring intimacy into the one-night-stand arena! I have three key tips for drawing a little emotion into some “it’s just a one-time thing” coitus. One-night stands can be an incredibly awkward and anti-climactic experience, so, let’s change that. Make the most of your partner and bring out their inner Vatsyayana (author of “The karma Sutra”.) 


Smiles and laughter are contagious. By giving your partner a smile, you’ve brought the mood up and entered into a warmer, more comfortable environment. Now that you’ve released some tension with a twinkly beam, let loose and find your rhythm. 

Use your hands 

Think to yourself now “what do you do with your hands during the act of love-making?” Hands can be so awkward. You may never know where to touch, or where to lay your hands. Instead, make use of them. Our opposable thumbs and keen creative instincts are what has separated us from animals, so why not put them to good use. Grab a hold your partner. A bit of pressure on your lover’s waist will go a long way and bring some intensity to your rendezvous. 


It can be as simple as “harder.” People don’t always want to be told what to do, but people will appreciate voicing your opinion on what makes you tick. It is common knowledge that everyone is different, so why would you try climbing to every summit the same way? You need to know the mountain, just ask or tell.

One night stands have the reputation of being all about physical intimacy but usually it's hard to enjoy sex fully when there are no emotions involved. Let's bring intimacy to our one night stands! Trust me, you'll be smiling all the way home.