How To Dress For Winter (When You’re Over Winter)

It’s still cold. There were snow flurries over the weekend. I can’t leave my room without at least four layers of clothing. ALLEGEDLY it’s March already, but spring feels years away. If you’re sick of Winter (like I am), here are some tips to looking ~cool~ while the weather’s still ~cold~. 

  1. Wear your summer clothes (but with layers). If you’re just TOO over winter, just go ahead and rock the denim skirt and off-the-shoulder moment. Add some tights and a denim jacket/cardigan/sweater over the top and you’re good to brave the 15 degree real feel. Once you get to your class, live your sunny and 75 dream (until the heater turns off in LC and you’re left shivering). 

  2. Embrace florals. I know, I know, florals for spring— groundbreaking. But hear me out: even though the tulips aren’t yet popping up around campus, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring out the bloom in your wardrobe. 

  3. Light wash denim! A good pair of light-wash jeans are just as warm as dark-wash jeans, but they look more fun and less wintery. Throw on a white shirt and you’ll look summer ready even if it’s snowing outside. 

  4. Wear white/pastel/bright sneakers. If it’s not icy or raining outside, pair your favorite summer shoe with some nice warm socks and traipse around like it’s August and you’re having a good time. Boom. Just like that.

  5. Bring out the pops of color. This is also an obvious one, but wearing a pastel blue crewneck sweatshirt feels a lot more summery than wearing a black or gray one. Wear the pink scarf. Embrace the bright yellow turtleneck. 

  6. Pastel cardigans! There’s a current trend where you wear a light-colored, button-up cardigan as a shirt tucked into some high-waisted mom jeans, and it looks perfect for springtime. Fortunately, these kinds of cardigans are EVERYWHERE in thrift/vintage stores this time of year. Your whole wardrobe can truly be transformed with a few colorful cardigans. 

  7. Go FULL OUT WINTER to get it out of your system. Enjoy the weather while it lasts. Chunky knit sweaters? Check. Thigh high boots? Check. Beanies? Check. Be that winter Pinterest queen or king and be proud of it. When it’s 100 degrees outside with no AC in July, you will miss the ability to be cozy 24/7. Guaranteed.

Just because the weather is still a bit dark and dreary, it doesn’t mean your closet has to be. Have fun with what you wear and enjoy this last bit of winter while it lasts!