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Eidelson v. Chandler: The War for Ward 1

With the Ward 1 aldermanic election fast approaching, Republican candidate Paul Chandler ’14 trails nine percentage points behind Democrat Sarah Eidelson, according to a poll conducted by The Yale Daily News.  A mere 3 days before the election, the two candidates are neck in neck, making the final push toward a victorious outcome.

The role of Alderman is vital to the New Haven community.  Much like a mayor, it is the alderman’s job to work on behalf of a city’s residents to represent their voices. Aldermen from adjacent Wards cooperate under the guidance of a mayor to help the city as a whole function. Aldermen function by following guidelines of their agenda sand work to accomplish central goals outlined on their lists.

Sarah Eidelson, the current Democratic Incumbent, campaigns to work for reclaim her current position as Ward 1 alderwoman. Eidelson, who graduated from Yale in 2012, hopes to encourage current Yale students to become active members of the New Haven community by “breaking the Yale bubble” and integrating our communities, traveling outside of our ivy gates. In her campaign for reelection, Eidelson has led a movement to establish the Dixwell Community “Q” House to serve as a center for youth activities.  She seeks to continue transforming urban centers with the goal of creating new recreational spaces for New Haven’s youth.

Chandler, a current senior at Yale, advocates for what he calls a “sustainable and responsible government,” in which he will seek to establish a defined contribution pension plan to adequately supply future pensions. Additionally, Chandler believes that New Haven must have more opportunities for employment as well as a communal feeling of safety to improve the city and lead toward a more productive future. Though Chandler is committed to these issues, the central movement that he spearheads is a financial strategy to fortify New Haven’s economic status, which he hopes will increase urban stability and efficiency.

Both candidates have been working fervently to establish a presence within the Yale Community in hopes of gaining voter support as well as establishing a relationship for future interactions.  Both candidates made strategic moves by publishing side by side editorials in yesterday’s edition of The Yale Daily News. The vote now lies in the hands of Yale students and Ward 1 residents, who will arrive at the polls come November 5. 

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