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Easy Halloween Costumes for 2013

Amanda Bynes

What you need: willingness to shave your head or a bad blonde wig, one eye half open when posing for pictures, ripped stockings, a treadmill to dance on, piercings in both cheeks

Couple Outfit: Miley and Robin Thicke at VMAs

What you need: nude ballet suit you can bedazzle and a foam finger for the girl, black and white thick pinstriped suit for the boy

Breaking Bad

What you need: Yellow jumpsuit, shaved head

Daft Punk

What you need: a motorcycle helmet, tinfoil and an all black outfit

NCAA champ Puck Bunny

What you need: Yale hockey jersey

Lana Del Ray

What you need: A lot of hairspray, curlers and a floral headpiece

Minions – also great for a group costume

What you need: Yellow long sleeve shirt, blue overalls, glasses, yellow face paint

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