Dorm Room Organization Tips


Now that classes have started and boxes have been (mostly) unpacked, dorm rooms are finally getting that lived in feel. Desks are papered in syllabi from long rejected shopping week classes, and some going out heels didn’t quite make it back in the closet. And while a little wear and tear keeps things real, the last thing a college kid’s cluttered schedule needs is a cluttered dorm room. Clean up your space with these tips to make sure your room stays in shape.


Double up on storage

College dorm rooms are not known for their abundance of space, and it can be hard to imagine all your (totally necessary) stuff fitting in your Yale sanctioned closet. To free up some space, try to find ways to cheat the system. An ottoman that has storage space inside is perfect for the common room. And an over the door shoe rack will transform your closet and make sure every pair of heels has a home. Under bed storage containers are also perfect for heavier sweaters that need a temporary home. Out of sight, out of mind.


Don’t underestimate a coat rack

It may seem impossible to think about winter coats when its still steamy outside, but it will be layering season before you know it. Be prepared by investing in a coat rack, whether it be a standing model or a DIY command hook situation. Throwing coats, scarves and bags on the back of the nearest chair or desk may work as a stopgap, but it gets messy fast. Having a go to spot to put them by the door makes coming and going easier, and keeps these items out of the way.


Get the most out of your jewelry

Remember that hooks don’t have to be just for coats and scarves. Command hooks can easily be used to hang necklaces over your desk. Prevent the dreaded jewelry drawer necklace tangle while showing off your favorite pieces—and keeping them at easy reach. And the best part—it doubles as chic wall décor!