Campus Cutie: John Hayden

Name: John Hayden

Year: Junior

College: Morse

Hometown: Greenwich, CT

Major: Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry

Favorite food: Everything my mom cooks

Favorite song: Middle (DJ Snake), 2 Phones (Kevin Gates)

Favorite movie: A Bronx Tale

This HC Campus Cutie, John Hayden, is one of Yale’s most outgoing, talented, intelligent and handsome young men.  A current junior in Morse, John devotes all his time and energy to playing for the Yale Men’s Hockey Team and majoring in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry. Her Campus was able to catch up with this Casanova from Greenwich, CT, in the midst of his hectic schedule, so read below for an inside scoop of his Yale experience on and off the ice.

What are you involved in on campus?

Hockey and school take up most of my time. But I would love to join Club Golf and I am also doing a sweatshirt sale at the home hockey games for the charity I am part of, The Big-E foundation, which was established with the goal to promote its theme of Have A Purpose (H.A.P.). It supports amateur ice hockey and other sports through equipment donations, event sponsorships, organized competitions and other beneficial activities as well as by fostering organ donor awareness.

At what age did you start playing hockey?

When I was four in Denver. I idolized the University of Denver hockey players and the Colorado Avalanche players and it has been my favorite sport ever since.

What teams did you play for before coming to Yale?

In high school I played for the Brunswick team for two years and then I moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, for my junior and senior year and played for the US National Team Development Program.

What do you enjoy most about playing hockey for Yale?

It is cool to play junior hockey and high school hockey, but nothing beats playing with your best friends in front of Yale students who cheer you on.

Favorite NHL team?

New York Rangers

Favorite hockey player?

Wayne Simmonds (Philadelphia Flyers), Milan Lucic (LA Kings)

Something you are most proud of?

Being on the Pioneer High School Honor Roll

Any embarrassing moments at Yale?

Yes, last year (laughs). There were eight of us at a table in the Morse dining hall and no one wanted to clear the dishes. So we played rock-paper-scissors to determine who would have to do it and I lost. So I had to take all plates back while making backward lunges through the dining hall.

What’s your best Yale memory so far?

I have so many great hockey memories including last year’s Ivy Championship.

Best Yale memory in one picture:

Who is your celebrity crush?

Jake Gyllenhaal

Describe your ideal date.

The food in New Haven is great, but I would go to New York, so many good restaurants, so much to do and close to my hometown. So I would probably have dinner and go to a Rangers game.  But the perfect date ever would be travelling somewhere. I love traveling!

Dream Girl? What do you look for in a significant other?

Honestly, someone my family really likes and a girl who could sit with my guy friends without me and have a good time.

What’s your favorite place on campus?

Right here, 271 Crown St and 380 Crown St. The former for where I live, the latter for the weekends and parties.

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?

Writing a letter for a girl.

What’s a fun fact about you people at Yale wouldn’t know?

I am a suitcase. I was born in Chicago, grew up in Denver for eight years, moved to Greenwich and lived in Ann Arbor for my last two years of high school.

And I love golf; I would have loved to be a pro-Golfer.

How would your team describe you?


Yale girls are the best because…

…intelligence is hot.