8 Valentine's Day Cards For Your Yale Valentine

Welcome back to campus, Yalies! Wait, it’s already February?!

As we all know, Valentine’s Day is officially here, and whether or not you have a special someone, you could be making someone’s day better by giving them a present. Wait, what’s that? You’re a broke college student and don’t have money to spend on gifts? Well, I’ve got you covered! Below are 8 FREE* Yale-themed Valentine’s Day cards for your favorite Yalies. Enjoy!

1. Sometimes it’s better to wait for the Yale Shuttle.


2. Someone has been hitting the squat rack in Payne Whitney Gymnasium!

3. Freshmen: take notes. This one is perfect for that cutie you’ve only seen once since Camp Yale.

4. In the stacks, preferably.

5. Who said long-distance relationships don’t work?

6. Cute, but mysterious.

7. Don’t leave me now!

8. If it gets less than 100 likes, we’re done.

*Note: Printing costs not included.

*Images created by author, Camila Vardar*