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8 Things to Do Before You Leave Campus for the Summer


Spend all of your Durfees points

If you purchase the unlimited meal swipe plan at the beginning of the year, Durfees gives you over 70 points a semester to spend at their store.  Do not let that money go to waste! Buy packs of gum, chasers and greek yogurt galore to take advantage of all that the meal plan has to offer.  Keep in mid though that toward the end of the year they don’t restock- so get there fast before the good stuff is gone!

Find out how to best keep in touch with friends (abroad)

So many people choose to spend the summer abroad be it for vacation, an internship or a study abroad program.  Communication may be limited so find out how to best contact your friends before you realize that they’re not getting an international texting plan.  If you are the one abroad, spread the word about how to best keep in touch!

Resolve grudges and address any issues

Whether the issue is a disagreement with your best friend over a serious issue or with a peer about a minor disagreement, be the bigger person and resolve the conflict.  Nothing is more uncomfortable then coming back after the summer with a bad taste in your mouth from an avoidable and petty problem.  The other person is sure to appreciate your gesture and move on as well.  In the rare case that your approach makes the situation worse, you have the whole summer to escape the awkwardness.

Store your items with care

Last year I stored my absolute favorite blanket in a box that sat in the basement of my college for three months.  Lo and behold when I came back in August, I found it damp, moldy and deteriorating- needless to say my spirit was crushed.  Well I will be sure to never make that mistake again.  For your favorite items and beloved valuables, either ship them home for the summer or invest in a storage bin. To avoid an expensive price, split the cost of a storage box with a few friends and share a unit. Most units are big enough to split and are convenient and easy ways to access and store all your stuff!

Find a new show to watch

Everyone needs a summer show or two to watch in between tanning sessions at the beach or after a long day at the office.   Find a show that makes you happy and can transport you into instant relaxation, captivation or mindlessness.  Common recommendations: Friday Night Lights, Game of Thrones, Sex and the City, Girls.

Go to your favorite restaurant, one last time

Unless you are staying in New Haven for the summer, it is extremely likely that you will go three months without a Wenzel, Yorkside pizza or Geronimo’s guacamole.  Make it last.  Use this next week to get one last taste of greatness to hold you over for the summer until your return next year.

Check Your Mailbox

That edible arrangements care-package your mom sent you? Yeah, probably won’t be so edible come August. And while you’re at it, forward your mail to your house for the summer. I got yelled at last year when they had to collect my magazines in a cart in the back room over the three months we were away.

Lay out on old campus one last time.


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