7 Times Big/Little Dating Felt Like Real Dating


With the sorority recruitment process coming to a close, my attention has shifted from finding new sisters to finding the perfect little. What I’ve come to realize is that dates with the girls in my new pledge class feel a hell of a lot like real dates. The nerves, the awkward moments, the special moments – you name it. I’ve felt it! Here are 7 times I’ve felt that trying to find my little was just like trying to find a significant other.

1. You freak out about how to ask her on a date and try to be as least awkward as possible.

2. You’re insecure about whether you look good enough because you want to make a good first impression.

3. There are so many girls that you think are great that you are not sure if you are ready to settle down with just one.

4. Or, on the other hand, you get way too attached to one after the first date.

5. You know she is the one when she loves food just as much as you do.

6. Getting jealous when you see other girls on a date with ­your future little.

7. And finally, when you find the right one, she’ll mean everything to you.