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18 Celebrity Look-alikes on Yale’s Campus


1.  Dipika Gawande and M.I.A.




2.  Sarah Solovay and Sara Bareilles


(even though they’re both celebrities..)



3. Trent Ruffolo and Sylvester Stallone (as Rambo)




4.  Ada Oni-Eseleh and Raven Simone




5.  Gabe Ligouri and James Franco




6.  Lindsay Johnson and JoJo




7.  Benjamin Singleton and Avicii




8.  Caroline Rizzo and Taylor Momsen




9.  Max Rolison and Mark Zuckerberg




10.  Renata Rique and Natalie Portman




11.  Barbara Paradis and Zoe Saldana




12.  Kahlil Keys and Reggie Bush




13.  Niko Efstathiou and MIKA




14.  Mackenzie Merkel and Cameron Diaz




15.  Annie Mullen and Justin Bieber




16.  Javier Duren and Will Smith




17.  Sean Shakespeare and Ryan Phillippe




18.  Elliot O’Reilley and Chris Hemsworth (as Thor)


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