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The Zodiac Signs at a Party


Since Aries tend to have more of a competitive nature, they are most likely playing beer pong or in a chugging fest.


Taurus are the ones in the corner with their friends, eating all of the snacks.


Geminis are the twins, therefore, they have a bit of a wildcard. One moment they could be dancing on a table and the next moment, they could be leaving the current party to go bar hopping. It all depends on their mood.


Cancers are another wildcard since they are known as “the feelers.” What they do depends on their mood, but if they are comfortable enough, they will be taking shots.


Leos are either the ones on the dance floor in the middle of the party, or taking shots. It doesn’t matter as long as they are with their friends or are the center of attention.


Virgos love to have fun, but they are also very responsible to the point where they would never try to overdo it.


Libras are the life of the party because of their energy and harmonious attitudes!


Scorpios are usually the ones partying the hardest or the ones that didn’t bother to show up.


Sagittarius is one of the most sociable signs. They are the drunk people that somehow always make random new friends at a party.


Capricorns are usually the more responsible ones, so they are usually the caretakers at parties. But that does not mean they don’t know how to have fun.


Aquarius is carefree and always down for a good time and ready to party.


Pisces are the ones encouraging their friends to have fun; sometimes a little too much fun.

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Charese Foster is a senior Political Science major with a double minor in peace and justice studies and international studies from Toledo, Ohio. She is a contributor for Her Campus Xavier. When not writing for Her Campus, she spends her time with Model United Nations, reading her horoscope and watching Netflix.
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