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You Know You Grew Up in Hendersonville When…

Oh, sweet home Hendersonville. Located less than 20 minutes from downtown Nashville, Hendersonville is home to UT loving, sweet tea drinking, Christ fearing, high school football obsessed people who have an insane amount of hometown pride. It was a strange place to grow up, but Hendersonville is home. Here are a few things most people who grew up here can relate to: 


Every time you hear Party in the USA, you can’t help it but scream “ITS DEFINITLY NOT A NASHVILLE PARTY!”  


…And during Wagon Wheel, you always have to shout “JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE!” (even though we don’t live anywhere close to Johnson City).


You know all of Shane Co.’s information by heart, just from listening to the radio.

“Shane Company, on I-65 off cool springs Boulevard west, open Monday through Friday till 8, Saturday and Sunday till 5, and online….


Whether you like the Vols or not, you know every word to Rocky Top.

Sometimes it was hard to tell if we lived in Knoxville or Hendersonville with all of the orange everywhere. 



You’ve been late to something before because you got stuck behind a tractor.

And you will never understand why people think its okay to drive them on the main roads during rush hour


You’re way too used to seeing Confederate flags everywhere.


Every time you think of Taylor Swift you will think of either a) her You Belong With Me music video being shot at JP2 or b) her ruining Kid’s Kingdom​.

Kid’s Kingdom used to be so perfect…


You or someone you know was on a Miracle Ford commercial at some point.


The biggest social event of the year for your high school was CMA Fest.

Whether you had tickets to the concerts or not, you were down in the Ramada parking lot, or wherever everyone decided to tailgate that year, with the rest of Hendersonville. And it was incredible. 


Ramen Noodles have a whole new meaning to you after years of Find The Ramen

RIP to the nights spent driving recklessly around town looking for a duck taped box of Ramen Noodles, and anxiously checking Twitter for the next clue of where it was.



The 4th of July was always actually celebrated on the 3rd.


Whether your family had a boat or not, you spent your summers on the lake.


Just saying you’re from Nashville when you leave the state.

Because no one knows where Hendersonville is, and it’s basically the same thing as Nashville, right?



You constantly crave Casa Veija.

Chicken Buda = heaven on a plate


Your high school parking lot was mostly made up of Jeeps and trucks.


Every Christmas included driving down to Opryland to see the Christmas lights.


One centimeter of snow on the ground=no school for at least 3 days

The threat of snow closed the city down every single time.


High school football is everything.

And you weren’t a true fan if you didn’t paint your whole body in your school’s colors before every game.



At least one person you went to high school with is trying to become a famous rapper now.


Every time you get on the highway, you expect to see a new pun on the TDOT signs.

Your middle school memories probably include your parents dropping you off at The Streets of Indian Lake to hang out with your friends.


At any catered event, you could expect to be served barbeque with Sweet Tea to drink.


There’s a church, across the street from another church, down the road from another church, which is a block over from another church…

And Sunday morning traffic is actually THE WORST because of it.


Hungry? Went to Sonic. Thirsty? Went to Sonic. Needed something to mix alcohol with? Went to Sonic. Craving ice cream? Went to Sonic. Needed a place to hang out? Went to Sonic.

Basically, the answer was always sonic.


You have an insane amount of state pride.


Lauren is a senior Marketing major, with minors in Economics and Gender & Diversity Studies at Xavier University. She calls Nashville, Tennessee home, and is the Campus Correspondent and President of HCXU. When she is not writing, she is planning events on the Student Activities Council, building her resume with her brothers in Delta Sigma Pi, or making random Spotify playlists. She is a Diet Coke enthusiast, and wishes she could spend every day hiking or playing with her dog. 
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