Why you should take Dance as your Fine Art

We all need a Fine Art credit to graduate, and, unless you’re some form of an Art major, that isn’t always the most natural thing for most of us and can be a hassle. But, did you know you can take one dance class a week for one credit? That’s right, one class for only one hour a week.


Three classes and bam, you’re done with that Fine Arts credit!


Don’t know about your dance ability? Both beginner and advanced courses are available. There’s also a variety, so you can test out different styles to see what you like, such as:

  • Tap

  • Jazz

  • Ballet

  • Dance Sport

  • World Fusion

  • Modern


Not to mention, having a dance class means you are guaranteed a hour of working out a week. You don’t even have to walk over to O’Connor to manage in a bit of muscle, flexibility, and strength building.


Did you know dancing can also help your studying? Dancing at least once a week can help you maximize your brain functions through cerebral and cognitive thought processes with muscle memory.


Dancing also can improve your general and psychological well being. Sure, you’ll be tired after that class, but you’ll also feel about twice as happy as you were going in.


So, clearly you should add a dance class to your schedule for next semester.