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Why South Korea is the Best Place to Study Abroad

1. The food

One of my favorite parts of Korea was eating. The meals were amazing, and the portions were large. Some of my favorite meals were the Korean barbecue, ice cream, and squid. Plus, many restaurants and cafes are open 24 hours. Also, if there are days you are missing American food there are many restaurants around like McDonald’s, Burger King and Pizza Hut.

2. The Nightlife

South Korea is the definition of work hard play hard. The Nightlife in South Korea is like no other. Many clubs and karaoke bars are open until early in the morning. Also, many of the clubs have themes, such as K-pop and country.


3. The People

It is always amazing to meet people from different cultures. Almost everyone I met in South Korea was so nice. They were even very patient with my subpar Korean speaking.

4. The perspective

It is important to get a perspective other than your own, not only from South Koreans, but from people from all over the world. Studying abroad here gave those perspectives to me.


5. Travel

South Korea is close to many countries like China and Japan, which you can easily go visit!


6. Cost of living

The US dollar in goes a lot further in Korea.  Transportation costs about 1 dollar per trip. Eating out and accommodation are always extremely cheap, too.


7. The traditions

Korea merges tradition with modern. For instance, it is common to see a thousand year old temple next to a new building.

8. The View

Need I say more?

9. The education

Koreans place a huge commitment on education. The academic environment is very competitive, so the education that you will receive there is exceptional.



Photo Cred: Charese Foster

Charese Foster is a senior Political Science major with a double minor in peace and justice studies and international studies from Toledo, Ohio. She is a contributor for Her Campus Xavier. When not writing for Her Campus, she spends her time with Model United Nations, reading her horoscope and watching Netflix.
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