What I'm Glad I Brought to College A Month In

Freshman year can be stressful, especially if you forget to bring some of the essentials. Here are the things I’m glad I bought, to make your year even better!


1. Rug/ Vacuum

A cinder block-walled 9 ft by 14 ft dorm, with desolate cabinets and drawers, a desk and chair that looks like it belongs in a Ikea, a creaky, metal-framed bed, and a smell that is both like fresh paint but also like nothing had been touched in that room in decades isn’t anyone’s idea of a new home-sweet-home. One thing that I have found that turned my room into a place that I can somewhat call home is a rug. Mine is dark gray, fluffy, and wonderful, and it always makes me happy to roll out of bed in the morning to it and not to a cold, hard floor like other people have to. I bought mine through Xavier, and they installed it before I got there. 10/10 would recommend. Alongside this rug, is my absolute favorite thing, my vacuum. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used that thing since I’ve been here. Even if you don't have time to clean your entire room, vacuuming gives the illusion that it's clean, plus it brings back the homey feel. I chose a handheld one that fits easily in those former desolate cabinets I talked about earlier. Mine is from Target, for around $25 dollars, and I can not recommend it more.


2. Lap Desk

Alright, if you just read the word above and don’t know what I am talking about, then let me teach you how to live in 2017. A lap desk is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as "a portable writing case or surface, especially one for use on the lap". However, my definition is a little different than that. My lap desk  is actually what I live off of. I do my homework on it, eat on it, watch tv on it, carry things on it, heck, I’m writing this article on it right now. Also, from a more rational standpoint, by using the lap desk on your bed prevents your laptop from overheating, which in turn will save you money on another laptop. I suggest one with a hardtop and soft bottom so it can be sturdy but feel comfy on your legs when you use it. Below is a cute picture of mine. I found mine at BAM(Books-A-Million) and I recommend it so so so much.


3. Meals and Snacks

To some people this might seem stupid, and to others this might be common sense. While some are relying completely off the caf and various restaurants around campus, others have the Great Pyramid of Giza of macaroni and cheese and ramen noodles in their room that seems to disappear every time they turn their back. My dad always said “what the hell did I buy the meal plan for then if you are buying all these things?” College is filled with late nights of either studying or chatting with your friends,  and I often forget to eat and find the caf is closed. The number of times this has happened to me is crazy, and I'm so very thankful for my velveeta. I suggest shopping in a grocery store near your campus instead of bringing the food now to save room in your car/on your flight. I also suggest keeping a list of things that you are getting low on or run out of so you all of a sudden have nothing. Things that I recommend bringing are mac and cheese, Rice-A-Roni, crackers, microwave popcorn, a multitude of drinks (iced tea, juice, pop, coffee), fruit and something to save for when you are sad or stressed.