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What to Do for Spring Break?


Spring Break is right around the corner and everyday questions of what your plans are or where you’re going for break are increasingly brought up in every conversation. Every year, I usually end up staying in Cincinnati because of the staggering prices of plane tickets. However, this time around I’ll be going out to San Francisco to enjoy the city and spend time with some loved ones. Now, let’s find out what some of the Her Campus Xavier members are doing and what they can recommend to anyone staying in Cincinnati during this much needed time off!


What are you doing for Spring Break? 

Any recommendations for students who are staying in Cincinnati?


Allison Kane:

I am going home for Spring Break and taking Katherine with me. I go home every spring break and see my family, my high school friends, and my boyfriend. This break is extra special cause I’m very excited to bring Katherine home with me. I’m going to show her all around my hometown as well as going into NYC, and doing whatever she wants to do there. For people staying in Cincinnati, I mean one of my favorite places is the zoo but I love all the animals there. The meerkats are so cute, they are my favorite. 

Tasha Young:

I will be going home for Spring Break to Dallas, TX! I can’t wait to get to warmer weather. I’m also very excited to see my family, dog, and boyfriend. As usual, I’ll be eating my weight in Mexican food and attempting to spend some time with as many people as possible. My brother and sister-in-law are also due to have their first child over spring break and I’m hoping I’ll be able to be there for that as well.

Margot Bond:

I’m going home for spring break! I’m excited to hang out with my family, my friends, and my cats. I probably won’t get up to too much, but It will be nice to relax away from school. If you’re staying in Cincinnati, you should definitely take a walk at Spring Grove Cemetery. Spooky, I know, but it’s a beautiful place to walk around in the sunshine.

Katherine Gemperline:

I’m traveling with Allie to New Jersey. She’s gonna show me around there and NYC. Then, I’m going home to Louisville to see my parents and dogs. I’m going to finish framing all my art for my art show in April.

Claire Comer:

For spring break, I will be going home and working both on homework and at my job. My favorite thing to do in Cincinnati is to go to the zoo! 

Victoria Rodriguez:

I’m going to Kennebunkport, Maine with one of my best friends from back home. She goes to school in Philadelphia so I do not see her that much so I’m very excited. We’re staying in an apartment in front of the ocean and just relaxing and catching up with each other and sleeping since we’ll be coming from midterms. We are also planning on going to neighboring towns and just exploring the area since it is something new for both of us. We’re planning to cook a lot and just have some time for ourselves. The pictures I’ve seen of the places we’re going to are amazing so I can’t wait!

Tina Hawayek:

For Spring Break, I’m headed home to San Juan, Puerto Rico. I am so, so excited to soak up the sun and enjoy the amazing food that my beloved island has to offer. I plan to be at the beach, with my dogs, until the sun goes down and afterward, go to dinner with friends and family. If you’re staying in Cincy over break, I recommend taking advantage of the free Museums around the city, spending some time downtown and maybe even taking a stroll through the Purple People Bridge if the weather is nice.

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