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A Very Short Stan Appreciation for Princess Diana

I personally find the Royal Family a bit odd and rarely follow news surrounding them. However, I will forever stan the late Princess Diana. She unfortunately passed away at the young age of 36, following a car accident in France. Before she passed away, she took the world by storm for breaking many Royal rules, including advocating for her own beliefs. She removed the stereotypes on how a “proper princess" should act in public and quickly went from a fashion icon to a social justice activate. Princess Diana advocated for charities that were unsupported by the Royal family, such as AIDS/HIV research and removal of landmines used within the war.

            During the 1980s, the world was going through the HIV/AIDS epidemic, which destroyed communities and took many lives. There was stigmatization against individuals who tested positive. Many of these individuals would be shunned by communities, as research was not there to show how the virus could be transmitted. That was until Princess Diana took a photo while shaking hands with an individual who had AIDS. This act help spread the message that the virus was unable to spread through touch, which ultimately helped with some stigmatization against individuals with AIDS. 

            Princess Diana was so influential that with a simple picture, she was able to help an entire community regain respect and dignity. However, that wasn't the only time she brought attention to a social issue with a simple picture. Princess Diana also advocated for removing landmines, as individuals who were not the intended target would involuntarily step on them, sometimes causing horrible injuries and even death. During her visits to one of these areas affected by landmines, she was photographed sitting next to an extremely young girl, missing a leg caused by a landmine. This photo alone created an outcry of support for removing landmines within warzones, as they are often near areas that inhabit civilizations. 

            Princess Diana stole the world's heart with her beauty, and her actions proved to match what the world perceived. She devoted time and financial aid to causes that help fight for what she believed was right. It's unfortunate that she was taken from us at a young age. Nevertheless, she still made lasting impacts in communities worldwide while also creating a new standard for the Royal family.

From Connecticut! Currently a Senior with a double major in Psychology and Philosophy. If he's not writing another essay, you could probably find him doing something outdoors.
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