Understanding the Impact of Ruth Bader Ginsburg as a Male

It's been a couple of weeks since the passing of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, may she rest in power. When the news broke, I was out having a bonfire with a couple of friends. The collective reaction was as if someone we did not know well had passed away, we felt sorry for the loss, however, her death quickly became a political debate. Of course, the conversation was hypothetical as we would not know for sure as to what would happen in the next coming months. Nevertheless, after that the conversation, most of us forgot about her passing, which shouldn't have been the case. I personally did not understand the magnitude of her death until I heard a close friend of mine say that she is "really scared for her future and her health." To say that I was shocked to hear that someone's death could cause mass fear especially those who identify as a female is an understatement. I couldn't fathom the idea of becoming worried about my own safety after someone passing away. Which is the point, I wouldn't get it, being a male comes with privileges, such as not worrying about my rights because a political leader passes away. However, by taking the time to learn and understand the impact she has had on women, it becomes clear why some womxn are afraid. Justice Ginsburg pushed for equality in the workplace, for womxn to be allowed to attend any state-funded school, the Equal Opportunity Care Act, and much more. Unfortunately, with her passing, there are some issues that could be overturned if the current sitting president is allowed to appoint a new judge, especially Roe v. Wade. If overturned, many reproductive health services that womxn may need could be at stake, which should cause a panic, within everyone. 

It is important for everyone, especially males, to understand the impact of Justice Ginsburg and learn the importance of her work. In part, the education system could be at fault as students might not have been taught on her accomplishments within the Supreme Court. Recently this has shown to be true that our school system is attempting to hide parts of history that may look bad. In addition to the school system failing us, being a male has seemed to put a blinder on the majority of us. As the majority of her work was down against gender discrimination, it may have seemed to only benefit womxn, which could be why many men turn a blind eye. However, that is the patriarchy speaking within our society, as womxn's rights are human rights. This patriarchy is what also blinded us, men, to even turn a blind eye to the work that Justice Ginsburg did for men as well. Justice Ginsburg argued a case in front of the supreme court showing discrimination against men within the social services and giving men equal protection rights if they were to be a widower. In addition to that, she also fought for equal rights within the gay community.

It is important for us, men with privilege, to be here for others in times of distress. Even though many of the things that Justice Ginsburg fought for may not directly affect men, it does not mean we can turn a blind eye to what is going on within society. We should be the ones helping push Justice Ginsburg, as that will help make sure her work does not go in vain. No one should ever have to fear their health or safety, whenever a political leader passes away because human rights belong to everyone. If someone's rights are being violated, everyone's rights are being violated.