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Top 10 Things You Don’t Learn at Manresa: Harry Potter GIF Edition

1. Intramural sports can get a lot more competitive then you think. Those varsity players that didn’t make it onto a D1 team still have something to prove, and they’re ruthless when it comes to their sport. 

2. Professors are actually pretty cool (some are even on those ultra competitive intramural teams!). So, before you write off your professor as a dud, get to know them a bit, ask questions, go to office hours, and always say hi when you see them outside the classroom!

3. RA’s, caf workers, groundskeepers, and cleaning services are all extremely important to you; MAKE FRIENDS. It may seem silly at first, but they can really help you out if you find yourself in need. RA’s can help you with events around campus, caf workers can get you that extra helping or those good cookies they hide behind the desk, and cleaning services do what your mom did for you before you left home….clean your bathroom!

4. Don’t be afraid to venture off campus and explore! Cincinnati offers a lot of different opportunities for site-seeing and general fun times with friends. Shop for fresh foods at Findlay Market, grab some Graeters in Fountain Square, enjoy America’s favorite pastime at The Great American Ballpark, or do some shopping over the river at Newport!

5. While some professors are pretty cool, others you will never be able to please. These kinds of professors are tough, but not impossible. It might just take a little bit of extra work and studying. Don’t get discouraged, though, most of the people in your class might be struggling as much as you. 

6. Father Graham is a pretty chill guy. Go ask him about the underground tunnels, and he might just offer a key. Okay, maybe not a key, but he did tell a friend of mine that if they ever found a door they couldn’t open and had evidence that it lead to these mythical tunnels, he would open it for him. 

7. While effective and handy, lanyards are the sure sign of a freshman…ditch ‘em! It’s really your choice whether to have a lanyard, and it is really helpful when you’re not used to needing a card for everything. But once you get the handle of remembering your card, stick it in a wallet, pocket or keychain…even a backpack pocket is better than a lanyard. 

8. Always have a friend with you when you head out for parties. You never know when you’re gonna need some help. Some might not enjoy the party life, but those that do, ALWAYS have a friend/roommate/suitemate with you. House parties can get crowded (like can’t move anywhere crowded), and you don’t want to be in a bad situation with no help around.

9. Ladies, watch out for charming upperclassmen…and underclassman. Some boys only have one thing on their mind. College offers a wider variety of people, and, if you’re looking for that special someone, don’t get caught up in the games those not-so-special someone’s play!

10. The Freshman 15 is NOT a myth. I repeat... NOT A MYTH! Try to make time for any kind of exercise you enjoy. You don’t have to trek all the way down to O’Connor to enjoy a little cardio: throw a football on the Yard, take a run around campus, or head down to the outdoor courts for a game of sand volleyball or basketball!

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