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Tips to Make Your Next Road Trip the Best Ever

There is nothing quite like making a split decision and heading out onto the open road with a hastily packed suitcase and your friends. Spontaneity is super fun. but forgetting the little things could make the trip end in a disaster! Here are some tips and tricks to follow to make sure you have the best possible experience on the road.

Make sure that your music choice will both keep you energized and awake. There is nothing more dangerous than potentially falling asleep when driving at night. Stick to music that you know pretty well and can sing along with. Also, if you’re driving by yourself, this will ensure that you don’t get bored along the way. Of course, trips are more fun with other people along for the ride but driving by yourself can be extremely exhilarating and liberating.  

Wear and outfit that is both cute and comfortable to sit in for a little while. For shoes, if you’re the one driving, think about your choice of footwear! If you want to wear heels to your final destination, take them off when you get in the car so that your feet don’t start to hurt, or bring a pair of flats to drive in. 

Make sure that you bring water and snacks to have in the car so that you don’t have to buy some along the way or get off course and lose time on the road.  Getting out of the car or off the highway and trying to find your way back can really slow you down, so try not to do it unless you absolutely have to.  

We know it may sound strange, but don’t be afraid to stop and nap in the car if you start to get tired, that’s what rest stops are for. Again, driving sleepy can be really dangerous, so make sure that you have at least one pillow and a blanket in the trunk at all times just in case. It’s best to stop in a well lit, safe area, and make sure to turn off your engine and keep all the doors locked to maintain your safety. Only stop if you feel like you are in a safe area to do so! 

So use these tips and tricks to attain the safest, most pleasurable trip possible. Good luck, and we hope you have many adventures– the rest of the world is out there for you to see!


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