Think Pink This October

While October is about Halloween and Pumpkin Spice Lattes, it is also a month dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness. Here are five easy ways you can celebrate this month:

1. Educate Yourself



If you only do one thing on this whole list, do this one! The most important thing that you can do this month is educating yourself on what breast cancer is, the signs of it, and how to prevent it! Learning how to give yourself a self-breast exam is also crucial. Check out websites like and

2. Buy Things That Support Research


​Almost every store that you go into this month have products where a portion of the proceeds go to support breast cancer research. Often times things that you already buy will have pink packaging showing how they support the cause! Some restaurants even have special drinks or meals that donate money, so don't forget to ask or do a little research online before shopping.

3. Donate Hair


Women going through breast cancer often lose their hair and receiving a wig can help them feel beautiful throughout a time where they do not feel their best. If you are contemplating cutting your hair, consider donating it to create a real hair wig for a woman with cancer! Pantene has a great program where you can cut it yourself (or have your mom, friend, or hairstylist do it for you) and mail it to them.

4. Run/Walk For A Cure


Get a group of your friends together and sign up for a 5k, walk, or half marathon that raises money for breast cancer research! The American Cancer Society is hosting a Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in Cincinnati on October 24 and you can sign up here.

5. Wear Your Support


On Wednesdays we wear pink? How about in October we wear pink! This month is the perfect time to wear your favorite pink dress or just wear a little touch of pink to show your support. Lokai came out with a pink bracelet that raises money for Susan G. Komen and is so cute (and celebs like Khloe Kardashian love them!).