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Surviving St. Patrick’s Day without the O’Douls

Don’t feel like going out for St. Patrick’s Day? Don’t have a fake ID? Don’t feel like throwing up all night? Here are 10 things that you can do on St. Patrick’s day that don’t involve booze.

1. Don’t celebrate!

Your first option is not to celebrate at all! Curl up in a ball and watch Netflix. Go to dinner or go to the movies (they’ll be much less crowded because everyone will be at the bar). Do anything other than acknowledge the holiday. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2. Enjoy the fact that you won’t be completely hungover the next day.

You can get some homework done or do your everyday chores without feeling like you’re dying.

3. Fake it!

If all of your friends are going out and you just really want to spend the day with them, fake it till you make it! Pinterest has plenty of non alcoholic drinks that you can enjoy. Find some fun drinks here too!

4. Run a Half Marathon.

Get off your couch and run that half marathon you’ve had on your bucket list for years. There are plenty of half marathons that take place on St. Patrick’s day. Get on Google and see if there’s one near you.

5. Throw an Irish Movie Marathon.

If your friends are down to stay in and eat popcorn with you, throw a party to watch some classic Irish films. You can find 10 Irish films to watch on Netflix if you’re not going out here!

6. Go to a sober event near you!

A lot of places throw events just for this kind of situation. For example, in Cincinnati, a restaurant called Mac’s Pizza, starting at 6am, is offering Lucky Charms, FREE T-SHIRTS to the first 100 people and Kegs & Eggs with their famous Breakfast Pizza! They’re going to have March Madness on and live music! Of course they’ll be selling alcohol but there’s really something for everyone! Who wants to pass up lucky charms? Just go on Google and type in “Events near me for St. Patrick’s day” and the options are plentiful.

7. Drink ALL the Shamrock Shakes!

These are oh so popular around this time of year! And, if you’re like me and don’t like them, go get a mint chocolate chip shake from Dairy Queen and it’s basically the same thing but better!

8. Make a traditional Irish meal.

Invite your friends and family over and cook a nice homemade meal of all of the best Irish food. Pinterest will be your best friend on this one.

9. Go out anyways!

If none of these options sound as fun as going out with your friends, go anyways! Who cares if you don’t drink. Plus, if your friends are planning on going and getting obliterated, be their DD and take as many embarrassing videos of them as you can. Then in the morning, you can show them all your great new blackmail content. You don’t need any excuse for not drinking other than you don’t want to. YOU DO YOU!

10. Wear Green!

Maggie is a Sport Management major with minors in Business and Deaf Studies. She an avid netflix watcher so if you need any suggestions for a new series to watch, she's got you. Her end goal is to work for the US women's national soccer team or the Detroit Pistons! 
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