Stressed? Keep Calm and Clean

Spring semester is coming to a close, and the projects and exams are starting to pile up. With so much to do in so little time, the last few weeks of school can become super overwhelming! And as your stress levels keep rising, it’s easy to neglect the other things you need to do, like taking time to work out, hang with friends, or even clean your room.


Does your room tend to reflect the messiness of your school life? Then this exam season you may want to set aside some time to practice spring cleaning as a de-stressor! It may be hard to carve time out of your week when you’re already so busy, but it’s so worth it to have a neat and organized room during exam season. Coming back to an oh-so-fresh-and-so-clean room will make all the difference when the rest of the semester gets you down.



So make your bed, put away your clothes, wash your dishes, vacuum your floor, and keep your desk neat. It’s so much harder to work in a space that stresses you out, too!


Happy finals season! You’ve got this, collegiettes.