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#SquadGifts for our #SquadGoals

While we love to pass on great products and gifts to our lovely viewers (like you!), Her Campus wanted to spend some time thanking our own Xavier squad for all the hard work they put in all semester. Did you know we publish two new articles a day, seven days a week? That requires some serious dedication on behalf of the HCXU team!

So we gave our team some #SquadGifts because they are our #SquadGoals! During our regular meeting time, the HCXU executive team pulled off a great de-stress surprise party complete with snacks, giveaway gifts for our team, and a viewing of the movie Elf!

From Michael Kors flash tattoos (they were scented with their 24K Brilliant Gold perfume, how cool is that?) to Vera Bradley wallets, we were definitely a spoiled bunch! With a spritz of TRESemme Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray in our hair, we headed to Chiptole with our BOGO cards in hand looking and feeling great.

Wish you could have been part of the fun? To get involved in HCXU email our Campus Correspondents here at xavier@hercampus.com

Brittany is a senior accounting major from Saint Louis, Missouri and is a Campus Correspondent for Xavier University. When not organizing Her Campus Xavier, she can be found working with Tedx Xavier University or Xavier Women in Business. She  wishes she could spend all of her free time with puppies. 
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