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Songs for Those Fall Days

The leaves are beginning to change, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are being sold, and sweaters are being worn; it’s fall. Along with this weather change, it’s time for the playlists to shift as well. As I enjoy my lemon lift tea and turn the end of my sleeves into mittens, here’s what I’m jamming to.


Cherry Wine (Live) by Hozier

I recently learned that this song is actually part of a campaign against domestic violence Hozier is involved in called #faceuptodomesticviolence. An excerpt from his website says,”Cherry Wine was written by Hozier from the male perspective of an abuse sufferer.  The song’s lyrics offer a unique insight into an abusive relationship, shining a light on the cycle of ‘justification’ often perpetuated in domestic violence incidents; that public health experts say controls the abused, shames the victim, and shifts responsibility for the abuser’s violent behavior.” While this may seem like a sad start for a fall playlist, I think the beautiful acoustic melody and passion in his words are perfect for a fall evening. Also, the money raised by the purchase of this song goes to helping victims of domestic abuse.

Quintessential Quote: “The blood is rare and sweet as cherry wine.”


Bloom by The Paper Kites

When I think of songs for the fall, they tend to be more acoustic and reflection based. I also think that its quintessential to talk about relationships and human connection, and I believe Bloom does just that. With a chorus that focuses around the phrase, “Can I be close to you?” it’s hard not to become reflective. I think this song is great for a cup of tea and time spent with someone you care deeply about.

Quintessential Quote: “Can I be close to you”


December by Neck Deep

With a title with more Winter oriented, December is definitely a fall jam.

Quintessential Quote: “I wish I’d known that less is more”


Home For Fall (Acoustic) by Real Friends

Right off the bat, you can imagine why this song made the list. This song is probably my top fall song and songs in general. I think it’s great for anyone that is far from home and thinks about that around this time of year. It allows you the opportunity to understand that you may be gone, but are never forgotten, and you can never forget where you come from.

Quintessential Quote: “Don’t forget where you came from and who cares about you

Whenever you’re missing home, just look at your arm

You’ve got the state lines inked into your forearm”


Better Than Yourself by Lukas Graham

Lukas Graham is well known for their hit single 7 Years and from the same record comes Better Than Yourself. This song is a great reflection song, just like all the others on the list. An eerie recollection of time and the relationship with his brother, Better Than Yourself is great for the fall.

Quintessential Quote: “I know you never bend, Even in the strongest wind”

Mallory (Mal) Williams is a Junior Digital Media and Advertising major, Writing minor from Chino Hills, California. When she’s not writing articles, she’s a hummus enthusiast, proud owner of a record collection, and the biggest fan of the planet Saturn you'll ever meet. 
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