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Some Marvel Characters They Should Keep and Others They Can Let Go Of

With Avengers: Infinity Wars coming out at the end of April, I think it’s time to talk about the inevitable loss of some of our favorite Marvel characters. While some may be hard to let go of, let’s face it there will be some heroes harder to let go of than others. So here is a list of some heroes I think should survive the Infinity Wars and others that they can let go.

List of some characters to keep:

1. Captain America

Captain America would definitely be a hard character to lose. With his blue eyes, charisma, and heart it’s hard not to root for this patriotic hero.

2. Thor

This hammer wielding hero brings humor, strength, and power to the Avengers. Let’s face it, his demise would be both shocking and hard to watch.

3. Spider-man

Marvel’s newest cinematic addition is the best version of Spider-man so far. In my opinion, Tom Holland has done the best job at playing this web shooting hero. It would definitely be hard to let him go before getting to see him grow and mature as a hero.

4. Black Panther

Black Panther is also a newer addition to the Marvel cinematic world. He not only made his mark in Captain America: Civil Wars but also in his own movie. Letting go of him before being able to see him grow both as a leader and an ally to the Avengers would be hard to watch.

5. Falcon

Falcon has made a good edition to the Avengers. He is loyal, amusing, and his friendship with Captain America has been fun to watch. He would not be easy to lose.

List of some they can get rid of:

1. Hawkeye

Let face it Hawkeye is probably the least interesting Avenger. Meeting his family in Age of Ultron may have allowed us to get to know him better, but it did not make him anymore exciting. In the end, losing Hawkeye would not have a big effect on the Marvel universe.

2. Vision

Since his creation Vision has not made much of an impact. Also, since he was originally Jarvis even if Thanos kills him he could just go back to that.

3. Iron Man

It is time for Tony Stark’s story to come to an end. He has served his purpose in launching the Marvel cinematic universe and now can let go. To be honest, most of his movies were not super impressive and the only thing interesting about him right now is his storyline with Spiderman. So, letting Tony go in the Infinity Wars would not be the worst thing.

4. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch’s storyline meeting its end in Infinity Wars would not be a big deal. To be honest, I definitely preferred her brother, Quicksilver, over her. Besides her powers, I believe that Scarlet Witch can join Hawkeye in being one of the least interesting Avengers

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