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Selena Gomez Makes Her Long-Anticipated Comeback to Music

After four years without an album, Selena Gomez released her first single Lose You To Love Me on October 23rd. The next day, she released another song called Look at Her Now. Both songs paint a picture of Selena’s life over the past few years, and show her growth as an artist and in her personal life.


To be fully honest, I didn’t ever think this day would come. For years, Selena suffered from physical and mental health problems and it got to the point where I didn’t ever think she would release a full album again. So when Selena began hyping up new music on her Instagram, I couldn’t have been more excited! 


The release of her first single Lose You To Love Me completely exceeded my expectations! It revealed a deep insight and honesty that I don’t think we’ve ever seen with Selena. It’s probably one of my favorite songs by her.  The music video for this song is also amazing because you can really see all the emotions she is feeling. There’s great parallels between this song and her 2014 single The Heart Wants What it Wants. Both songs are most likely about Justin Bieber and are extremely personal. However, Lose You To Love Me shows Selena’s growth and her ability to finally come out of a bad relationship and prioritize loving herself. This song is the perfect closing chapter on the 8 year mess of a relationship that was Jelena.

With Look At Her Now, Selena takes a complete 180. This song is much more upbeat and happy than Lose You To Love Me. Selena released this song in order to show the great place she is in right now and how much she is thriving. Look At Her Now is about Selena’s life today, while Lose You To Love Me was about her life two years ago. While I love the concept behind it, I can’t say I fully love the song. Frankly, the chorus just annoys me. There aren’t really any words, it’s just her saying “mm-mm-mm-mm-mm” a bunch of times. I guess it’s kind of catchy, but it’s still not really good.The verse is great though, I just don’t know what she was trying to do with the chorus. The song does succeed in demonstrating the differences in Selena’s life now compared to two years ago, I just wish the song was better.


The release of Look At Her Now has not stopped me for being excited about the new album though. As of right now, we don’t have any knowledge of the album’s title or release date, other than the fact that it is coming soon. Selena has hinted at a possible tour coming up, but again we don’t have any specific information about it. When she does finally release the album and go on tour, you bet I will be there supporting her, just like I did years ago.

Megan is a history major, with a minor in Professional Education. She is from Aurora, Illinois but hates the cold weather of the north. She loves music, especially Taylor Swift who she has also met. She often spends too much time watching Netflix and eating cookies.
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