Powerful Business Women Panel!

Are you a women aspiring to be in the business world? Then this is an amazing event for you to be a part of! Acacia Galle organized a panel of powerful business women to speak to Xavier Students tonight!

Acacia told me, "This past summer I had the privilege of working on a research project to assess barriers to entry for women entrepreneurs. If you ask me, I got the best job on the project. As a research assistant I was tasked with searching for female entrepreneurs in the Cincinnati area, reaching out to them, and interviewing them to understand the challenges they faced. Essentially, my role boiled down to talking to some really awesome ladies. Each and every one of them had a unique story, interesting perspective, and great advice for an aspiring entrepreneur like myself. While conducting interviews the phrase,  “Often times female entrepreneurs have to work twice as hard to get half as far” kept popping into my head.  That is what this research project is all about. Attempting to shed light on this problem and identify solutions.  

I interviewed over twenty women entrepreneurs, both on the commercial and social, to understand the barriers they face. Currently, we are working to compare how women in these two different sectors perceive barriers will help us offer a theoretical and analytical model for understanding challenges faced by women entrepreneurs. However, our next step is to open up a dialogue for this issue."

Come join the discussion tonight in Smith 308 at 5:00 P.M.!